How to Fix Low Testosterone Levels

Low Testosterone Levels

For those who don’t know, testosterone is the male sex hormone. It’s responsible for building muscle, burning fat and making sure your equipment works properly. Females also have testosterone, just in lower amounts than males. That’s why they typically have less muscle and more body-fat.

These days, however, almost everyone has lower testosterone levels than they should; both male and female. This is an epidemic and nothing to be taken lightly. It must be seriously addressed if you want to maximise your performance and get in the best shape of your life. The average male today has a dramatically lower testosterone level than the average male from fifty years ago. Females need testosterone too, that is if they want to stay lean and build muscle. Only, in this day and age, they are also likely to have much less than they should have.

Having high testosterone is a sign of virility, vitality, strength and power. It’s what makes you feel like a man. It’s what builds muscle and burns fat. If your testosterone is low, as is the case with most people these days, you will always struggle to get in shape or perform (in more than one way) optimally.

Eat only organic foods.

Avoid all fake and processed foods.

Eat raw organic nuts. Almonds are the best.

Eat an adequate amount of Omega 3 fats.

Eat healthy, saturated fats like grass fed beef and coconut oil.

Perform high intensity strength training like weight lifting or sprinting, 3-6 times per week.

Avoid traditional forms of cardio as they have been shown to increase cortisol and thus lower testosterone.

Limit your workouts to 45-60 minutes.

Get 20 minutes of sunlight per day to boost your Vitamin D levels.

Have sex more often. At least three times per week should be the goal.

Compete in something.

Get 8-9 hours of sleep per night.

Minimize stress.


From the Book: The Renegade Diet


Posted on March 3, 2014


AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM,(ANS) is an involuntary division of the nervous system that functions to regulate the basic organ processes needed for the maintenance of normal bodily functions.

Our homeostatis is effected controlled by autonomic nervous sytem, immune system and endocrine system. If one of these is out of balance, we become vulnerable to disease.

Lifestyle factors such as staying up late at night, stress and hormone imbalance can lead to autonomic nervous system dysfunction (Dysautonomia).

You have options!!Treatments such as:



*Bowen Therapy

*Cranio Sacral Therapy

*Therapeutic Massage


*Aroma Therapy

*Autogenic Training

Chiropractic treatment and Autonomic nervous system Dysfunction

Now many studies support that chiropractic adjustment can help to correct nervous system dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustment is powerful because it has direct impact on the nervous system. If you are interested in reading those articles that suggest effectiveness of chiropractic treatment on autonomic nervous system, please click the link below: