Dr. Nasim Vesalpour- CHIROPRACTOR

She has her Masters in Clinical Chiropractic from RMIT in Australia and obtained her Bachelors in Kinesiology and Nutrition from SFU in Canada. She finished her internship in learning more on treatments for a Herniated Disc pre and post surgery. She is a member of the CAA and is participates in charity events yearly in support of Spinal Research Foundation. 

Soon after her move to Sydney, she became engaged in treating more sports related injuries throughout Sydney where she specialised in sports chiropractic. She has practiced throughout Sydney as a chiropractor in North Ryde, Rozelle, and is currently located in Top Ryde. Dr. Nasim's treatments are safe and affective.

She understands Pain!! She has had the experience of going through a lower back disc surgery herself. Many of the reasons why you can be certain that she will help you get the best care needed whatever your condition maybe. She works closely with other health professionals and specialist in a team environment in the clinic. 

Our chiropractor is also fluent in Farsi and English.  She is proud of her Persian heritage and welcomes the opportunity to be more involved in the community. 

"A happy spine is a healthy spine. A healthy spine is a happier you! "